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Domestic Applications

Domestic hot water systems typically use solar energy to pre-heat the water that
is incoming to a conventionally fueled heating tank. The warmer the water from the
solar heater, the less conventional fuel will be needed to provide the household's hot
water needs. During the summer months a properly sized solar hot water system will
provide almost 100% of a household's needs. In the winter, or during extended cloudy periods, the amount of hot water provided by the sun may be 30% or less.

Tri Solar tend to install systems that meet between 60% and 70% of the annual load
unless additional summer heating is desired (most commonly this includes hot tubs,
pools and basement heating).

We offer a wide range of system sizes and installation solutions.

Solar water heaters can also be used to provide space heating.
The same set of solar collectors can be used to provide hot water for both space
heating and space heating needs, although space heating will generally require a
much greater collector area and storage capacity.
Additional controls and heat exchangers are also needed.
Due to these extra costs, and because sunshine is relatively scarce when heating
loads are highest (for example at night and during the winter) solar energy is more
often used to heat domestic water than it is for space heating.

With that said, clients who request extra heating in the summer to suppliment their hot tub and/or pool heating utilize these larger system for winter heating (through economies of scale they have a shortened ROI).

To learn more about how Tri Solar could help you to find the best solar
solution for your household, please send us an enquiry.


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