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Gigajoule (GJ)

A gigajoule (GJ) is a metric term used for measuring energy use. For example, 1 GJ
is equivalent to the amount of energy available from either:

  • 277.8 kWh of electricity, or
  • 26.1 m3 of natural gas, or
  • 25.8 litres of heating oil

Similar to the energy released when burning a million wooden matches, a gigajoule
of gas will cook over 2500 hamburgers, and a gigajoule of electricity will keep a 60-watt
bulb continuously lit for six months.

Since a gigajoule can provide a single number to represent all your energy sources,
these measurements are useful if you want to establish a baseline or compare your
facility with others. A Gigajoule and Energy Intensity Calculator will be offered here
soon to help determine the energy use and intensity of your facility.

Establish a Baseline

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Before you start to plan energy improvements in your organization, you must first know the types and amounts of
energy your facility and equipment use.

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