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Dearlers and Installers

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Tri Solar Dealer Installer or Installer.

Solar Hot Water Systems and Technologies are the fastest growing market and
industry in the world, with short term projections of even more exponential growth.
Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Systems are approved by EcoEnergy for eligibility both
Federal and Provincial Grants (Canada).

Selling a Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Systems will help you create a fun, exciting and
profitable new business.
As a Tri Solar Dealer, you will be responsible for selling and supporting Tri Solar Solar
Hot Water Systems directly to the end user in your coverage area.

Additionally, all Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Dealers are required to be Certified Tri Solar
Solar Hot Water Installers, have a Certified Tri Solar Installer on staff, or work directly
with a Certified Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Installer.

As a Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Installer, you will be directly responsible for installing
your customer’s Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Systems, ensuring that they are performing properly and that they are 100% satisfied with their Tri Solar System, the installation
and the system’s operation.

If you are interested in becoming a Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Dealer & Installer, please
fill out our feed back form and we will forward an application. Return the application
directly to the Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Dealer Development Team and begin your
exciting journey with Tri Solar.

Tri Solar Dealer Program Overview

Tri Solar Dealers represent and sell Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Systems within their own
specific market area. As a Tri Solar Dealer you will have the opportunity to purchase
Tri Solar
Solar Hot Water Systems at discounted prices, turn around and resell them
to the end user at retail price, creating a sizeable profit for yourself along the way.

There are two membership types in the Tri Solar distribution network:
Tri Solar Installers/Dealers – Participate in the sales and installation of Tri Solar solar
hot water equipment within their geographic region.
Tri Solar Distributors – Responsible for the distribution and development of Tri Solar products and installation teams within a specific geographic region.

Tri Solar Dealer/Installer Requirements

Sign-up Requirements:
• Have in-company industry/related experience (Plumbing, HVAC, Solar, Construction, etc)
• Complete the necessary Tri Solar Dealer & Installer Training Workshops/Courses
• Stay up to date on the latest Tri Solar News, Products and Training
• Have strong entrepreneurial skills
• Provide sufficient installation equipment and facilities to install a solar thermal system.
• Carry appropriate insurance, Business Licenses, etc
• Provide adequate capital resources for the purchase and installation of Tri Solar

Participation Requirements:
• Purchase Tri Solar Products directly from Tri Solar or an Authorized Tri Solar Distributor
• Maintain comprehensive customer service records (complaints, recommendations, etc)
• Ensure that your Installation Team is Tri Solar Certified
• Abide by the Tri Solar (Tri Oracle Trade Inc) Code of Conduct
• Meet Tri Solar Customer Service Requirements (response time, customer satisfaction, etc)
• Install a minimum of four solar hot water systems each year.

Why Join the Tri Solar Team

Being a Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Dealer Installer is a tremendous way to break into the exciting and growing Solar Hot Water Industry – this industry is one of the fastest
growing industries in the world, and will continue to grow exponentially

As a Tri Solar Solar Hot Water Dealer Installer you will:
• Access to wholesale pricing
• Access to a large plumbing supply database of hydronic and solar components
• Access to Tri Solar Training, Marketing Materials and Sales Strategy to help you
marketing and represent solar products in your area.
• Receive installation and sales bids from the Tri Solar sales network. Tri Solar brings
several customers in your area to your doorstep for installation and product sales.
• Access to Tri Solar Dealer Representatives, Technicians and Support Staff
• Dealer Installer Startup Package Including Training & Sales Materials, Marketing
Materials and Information Guides
• Work with Tri Solar installers to develop leading installation techniques and product applications.

Tri Solar Distributor

Tri Solar Distributors are strategically located geographically to provide essential
product distribution channels for our dealers and installers. Distributors are required to
stock Tri Solar materials at all times to ensure timely delivery of our solar thermal
equipment to ensure that construction deadlines are met.
Training seminars and services will also be provided at each distributor’s location for
certified Tri Solar installers and business who are interested in expanding into the solar thermal industry.

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