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EcoEnergy Grants

Grant Table for ecoEnergy Retrofit - Homes

Air Leakage Control

Energy & Water Saving Tips

The Canadian Renewable Energy Network (CanREN)

CanSIA Articles

Energy Bodies

Glogal Solar Thermal Energy Council

Solar Energy Articles

Solar Power for Residential Homes
Solar Energy Projects
Solar Power Cars
Solar Power Kits
Commercial Solar Power
Solar Power Systems
Why you need a Solar Power Generator
How Solar Energy Panels work
Wiring a Home for Solar Electric Power

Solar Hot Water Articles

Generating Solar Hot Water
Types of Solar Heating Systems
Passive Solar Hot Water Systems
Creating a Passive Hot Water System
Why choose a Solar Water Heating System
How to Select a Solar Hot Water System for your Home
Calculations for Solar Hot Water Systems

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Solar Buildings Research Network

Schools across Australia

Practical Solary Energy (Conserve NS)

National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) -
NEED is a nonprofit organization the focuses on educating students and educators about energy (renewable and non-renewable) through workshops, activities, and curriculum.

Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST) -
CREST is a non-profit Internet and multimedia development organization. CREST has a number of multimedia educational informational software programs available for free or for a minimal cost. 1200 18th Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, DC, 20036
(202)293-2898, Fax: (202) 887-0497

Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) -
IREC has developed a web site devoted to solar activities in schools. This site contains information on school programs throughout the US, link to other related school sites, and information on doing solar in their schools.

Check out the website at

The Suns Joules -
The Sun's Joules is a comprehensive educational CD-ROM on renewable energy for high school students. It contains around 1,000 screens of text and graphics, dozens of digital videos, interactive exercises, an energy glossary, a list of renewable energy internet resources, and a detailed index.

It is available from CREST,

The School Energy Doctor -
The School Energy Doctor is a multimedia production designed to lead high school students through a water and energy audit of their school. It provides students with easy calculations to see how efficiency and renewable energy can save energy, water, and money as well as reduce pollution right at their own school.

It is available from CREST,

More Solar Energy Articles

A Dream for a Future with Alternative Energy
by Robert S. Leonard

Peak Oil: The End of Cheap Oil
by Gordon Owen

Shedding Light on Cheaper Solar Energy
by Brenda Townsend Hall



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