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Our simple Solution

Contact Tri Solar and we will be happy to walk you through the process of putting the
most efficient solar solution in your home or business and utilizing funding from both
the Provincial and Federal Government.

Our goal is not only for you to have the most efficient Solar Solution but for our domestic customers you to save 50% of the total cost though some of the available incentives. 
Note, discounts will vary in Canada from Province to Province and in the US from State
to State (in many cases over 50% is achieved).


1. We will arrange for a certified Energy Advisor to perform your energy evaluation on
your home (normally within a week to 10 days) or business (14 days to 28 days). The
Energy Advisor will make a number of initial recommendations.
There are three different classes of Advisor (domestic and two for commercial).
Note, it is important to check off all possible improvements/retrofits on your evaluation as
only these will be eligible for grants/incentives.

2. Choose a solar solution best suited to your own circumstances (based on number of people in house, current hot water system, optimal position of collector, etc). 
$500 deposit required.

3. Receive your Energy Efficiency Evaluation report (normally within 2 to 4 weeks
of initial evaluation). This report will highlight a number of improvement and energy
upgrades (each item will have an associated dollar amount you are eligible to claim

4. You now have 18 months to complete your upgrades. Keep in mind only specific
amount of Federal Funding has been set aside (should last until 2011). Remember to
keep all your receipts!

5. We can provide both the Federal and Provincial Application forms for you to receive
your refunds.

6. Solar Solution paid for and installed. We will look after each part of the installation (roofing, plumbing, electrical, testing, etc).

7.  We will arrange for an energy advisor to perform your post-retrofit evaluation.
Completed applications are sent off and 90 days from the date of your post-retrofit evaluation to receive your Federal cheque.

In quick summary:

  • You can utilize up to $5000 in Federal EcoENERGY funding
  • As an example on PEI for a domestic solar system with a installed value of $7000
    Save/claim $3950 ($1250 Federal, $700 PST, $1050 Provincial and a $950 HRTC)     

    Click on our Grants and Incentives link on the left for further details  

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