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Your Investment

It is important to consider a number of things when making your investment:

  • Is there a need for the product (i.e. water or electricity)?
  • Is there potential for savings (return on investment)?
  • Do you want to help the Environment?
  • Do you understand the technology
    (or is it even important that you do, as long as it works)?

Assuming the above is positive you need to:

  • Find a solution for your own requirements (there can be as many as 50 different
    variables to consider). Let Tri Solar come up with a simple solution (fill in our
    quote Sheet)
  • Receive competitive pricing (there is no sense in spending double the money
    to get the same potential return on investment).
  • Complete installation and testing. (This includes maximizing heat transfer
    between collector and water tank and minimizing heat lost to the elements do
    to poor setup and inadequate pipe insulation).

Considering all the above points we are confident that Tri Solar will satisfy your
requirements and install a system which is technologically advanced, simple to
understand and competitively priced.

The systems to which collectors are connected play a significant role in determining the amount of energy delivered. Collector efficiencies are not necessarily indicative of the
relative efficiencies of complete systems.

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